Sue Scheff Lies About Being Sued

On August 14th, On one of her many cross-linked spam blogs, Sue Scheff wrote the following, denying that there is a lawsuit against her and Focal Point Academy:

“I have read claims, Blogs, and horrific postings about my organization and myself being served a lawsuit – this is not true. Neither myself nor the other defendants listed on what they are posting have received any such lawsuit. If there is a lawsuit, we certainly don’t know about it and you would think the defendants should have it?

This is a further campaign to discredit me which has recently escalated since I will be on 20/20 i-Caught this evening” [hyperlinks added]

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Yet Another Attempt to Take Down This Site (and Fornits)

Once again, Sue Scheff has done it by complaining about and this site. Read all about it here Note: This site may be down for a day or so while we change hosting services (again). To those who would accuse me of defamation, see the PDF attached to this post. PDF

What Sue Scheff Uses Reputation Defender to Censor

Sue Scheff often refers to herself as an “advocate”, claiming that she just wants to help children. Sue Scheff uses the slogan “parents helping parents”, publicly stating that the purpose of her organization is simply to avoid the dangers of abusive programs. Critics, however, question her commitment to the welfare of children, her honesty, and the ethics with which she conducts her business. Continue reading What Sue Scheff Uses Reputation Defender to Censor

Green vs. Focal Point Academy and Sue Scheff

Regarding Focal Point Lawsuit: Read the full complaint here. Recently, A lawsuit was filed By the Green family in Broward County Florida against both Sue Scheff and Focal Point Academy. It is alleged that Sue Scheff fradulently misrepresented her relationship with Focal Point Academy on many matters. for example:

“20. In April, 2006, Scheff also represented that she was not a licensed educational therapist, and therefore was not paid for her work, and that she was only making referrals based on the interests of the children. 2I. Scheff in no way disclosed that she was being paid for referring R.G. and others to Defendant Focal Point on a per-child basis. Contrary to Scheff’s misrepresentations, Defendant Horlacher later disclosed that Focal Point Academy pays Scheff money for each student she refers to the school.”

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Sue Scheff Threatens Fornits

Several days ago, GoDaddy recieved a theatening email sent by Sue Scheff requesting that certain content she found offensive (attached to the email) be removed from Whether or not the content linked to constitutes “death threats” or “internet terrorism” is largely irrelevant (judge for yourself). Nobody I have talked to sees it as such. What is relavant is the fact that she lied several times in her email to increase the percieved gravity of the alleged offenses.

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