Sue Scheff Lies About Being Sued

On August 14th, On one of her many cross-linked spam blogs, Sue Scheff wrote the following, denying that there is a lawsuit against her and Focal Point Academy:

“I have read claims, Blogs, and horrific postings about my organization and myself being served a lawsuit – this is not true. Neither myself nor the other defendants listed on what they are posting have received any such lawsuit. If there is a lawsuit, we certainly don’t know about it and you would think the defendants should have it?

This is a further campaign to discredit me which has recently escalated since I will be on 20/20 i-Caught this evening” [hyperlinks added]

Original source here (which has now disappeared, which we archived) Sadly, Sue Scheff did appear on 20/20. Although the folks at ABC don’t appear to do that much research, we do. Even though viewing case detail is an expensive pay service on the Clerk of the Courts website, one of Sue Scheff’s many friends was willing to donate in order that we might see the details of what is going on.

The results can be viewed in full here. As you can clearly see, Sue Scheff, and her company, Pure, are being sued for her alleged fradulent misrepresentations and unethical relationship with Focal Point Academy.

The date on that page is July 31st. The date Sue Scheff wrote the blog denying the lawsuit was August 14th. Although she could claim the mail in Florida is simply exceptionally slow, a source close to the case assures us at that Scheff is “well aware of the suit”.

5 thoughts on “Sue Scheff Lies About Being Sued”

  1. Teh truth is out there…

  2. Is Sue reeling around saying “Et tu, Izzy? Et tu?” Or, “Izzy…why hast thou forsaken me?” Awfully quiet around CAICA, and Sue Scheff is conspicuous in her absence. What really bothered me on CAICA is Izzy’s mention of the GAO investigation, and how she’s rising to meet the call…gimme a break. I’m still hoping to get my chance to talk with one of the two investigators, and I’m going to give them a brief history of the collusion between CAICA, PURE…and the NYRA. More news on the NYRA deal forthcoming.

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