Green vs. Focal Point Academy and Sue Scheff

Regarding Focal Point Lawsuit: Read the full complaint here. Recently, A lawsuit was filed By the Green family in Broward County Florida against both Sue Scheff and Focal Point Academy. It is alleged that Sue Scheff fradulently misrepresented her relationship with Focal Point Academy on many matters. for example:

“20. In April, 2006, Scheff also represented that she was not a licensed educational therapist, and therefore was not paid for her work, and that she was only making referrals based on the interests of the children. 2I. Scheff in no way disclosed that she was being paid for referring R.G. and others to Defendant Focal Point on a per-child basis. Contrary to Scheff’s misrepresentations, Defendant Horlacher later disclosed that Focal Point Academy pays Scheff money for each student she refers to the school.”

It should be noted that Sue Scheff admitted under oath in the WWASP vs PURE court case that she recieves compensation from schools for referrals. She claims that this is only done on a “donation” basis but on page 401 of the WWASP vs. PURE transcripts, Marie Peart (One of Sue’s employees) testifies that she would threaten schools to cut off referrals if they did not pay. The above allegations by the Greens are also very similar to those of Joyce Harris and her husband, Richard (whose dautghter was referred to the now defuct Whitmore Academy by Sue Scheff):

“We asked her point-blank if we had to pay her, or if she got paid for her services. She said NO! She said that she only did this work to make sure that no child is ever placed in a dangerous place like the WWASP programs. She said….that her reward is knowing that all children are placed in a safe, loving, caring place like the Whitmore. She SIMPLY LIED TO US. Sue Scheff refers these children to make money!”

It should be noted that the above statement (full copy available here) was made under penalty of perjury. In response to Joyce’s complaint, Sue Scheff went on the warpath against Joyce Harris, posting what Joyce (and many others who know her) allege to be defamatory statements about her in Sue’s blogs about Whitmore Academy. The Harris family’s sworn statement goes on to say:

“I wrote to Sue Scheff, telling her that we removed our daughter from the Whitmore, and why. Not only did Sue Scheff write back expressing her continued support of the Sudweeks, she attacked me, the mother. She repeated outright lies about what happened at the Whitmore the night we went with a police escort to pick up our daughter.

We suppose she must support the Sudweeks, because we understand that most, if not all of the placements at Whitmore Academy are referred there by Sue Scheff or P.U.R.E. That speaks for itself as far as we are concerned.”

One could suppose that Sue Scheff’s next move would be to post similar statements about the Green Family and use her contacts at “Reputation Defender” to suppress their voice, as has been done to the past, including, I allege, to this very blog. These are hardly the only allegations made against Sue Scheff. More will be coming tomorrow.

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