More Attacks from Sue Scheff

Since the last entry on this blog, Sue Scheff has attacked this site two times. First, Sue Scheff sent a letter to the data center our hosting service uses. Second, she sent a letter to Google AdWords, claiming incorrectly that her name was trademarked. Not surprisingly, her first recent letter, including attachments, was nearly identical to the first letter she sent GoDaddy. I will include it here in full:

———- Forwarded message ———- From: The Planet Legal Response Team <[email protected]> Date: Sep 4, 2007 2:24 PM Subject: [Fwd: FW: Urgent – Abuse at ThePlanet – Death Threats and more] To: [redacted (hosting provider)] Please see below and act accordingly. — The Planet-EV1 Legal Response Team (214)782-7800 :: 1-800-377-6103 Fax:: (214) 782-7756 *Sent:* Friday, August 31, 2007 2:50 PM *To:* Legal Response; Legal *Cc:* Abuse *Subject:* RE: Urgent – Abuse at ThePlanet – Death Threats and more And another – Read this email from

[note: that statement (that the email came from is a lie, furthermore, it is easily provable as a lie. The message listed below (not an email), the so-called (but explicitly stated as not) “death threat” was sent by me as a comment to one of her blogs. If you look below at my IP address, you can clearly see that the IP address is not that of, clearly indicating that I was posting the comment from a French ISP. Why is this important? Because by claiming that the message originated or was hosted on our servers the Datacenter she was contacting would theoretically have jurisdiction over it.]

– Death Wish – Death Threat? – Please advise. I can’t believe ThePlanet would condone this. Everyone is taking this seriously. Author : Michael “Psy” Crawford (IP: <> , <>) E-mail : [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> URL : <> Whois : <> Comment: Hey BITCH. Why don’t you share Joyce Harris’s Happy testimonial. Howabout the GREENS. You are WORSE than WWASP. At least they don’t pretend to be righteous. You sicken me more than any human being I have ever known to exist and I hope you get hit by a truck. That was not a death threat, that was a curse. A death WISH.

[note: that I explicitly stated that my message was NOT a death threat, but rather a “death WISH”. It is the opinion of this blogger that the world would generally be better place if more members of the troubled teen industry got hit by trucks. I would never cause such a thing to happen; however, if it were to happen, I would most likely laugh — a lot.]

———————————————————————— *Sent:* Friday, August 31, 2007 3:34 PM *To:* ‘Legal Response’ *Subject:* RE: Urgent – Abuse at ThePlanet – Death Threats and more Dear Legal Response Team – I had forwarded the links in my previous email – attached they are copied and pasted into a Word Doc – the Links are within it.

[note: the attachment is identical to the one she previously sent GoDaddy entitled “worse posts”]

With or without the death threats – these websites clearly violate your AUP and TOS since they are created to harass, malign, slander, defame, fraud and more. As I have attached previously, I have a Final Judgment against Carey Bock – as well as a full investigation through the FBI regarding Michael Crawford who runs

[Note: It’s odd that when I contacted the FBI, they didn’t return my call, though I intend on continuing to try. If the FBI was handing private information about me to Sue Scheff, I would understandably be very upset. If these allegations turn out to be true (which, for the reputation of the FBI’s sake, I hope they are not), I will most likely be filing a lawsuit. Oddly, however, no “investigation” was ever attached to the email Sue Scheff (according to the account of ThePlanet through the hosting service)]

On your AUP page 6 it states the violations these websites are in. If you condone this behavior, I would be shocked – as no reputable Host Server has – and I doubt that you do. I will also let you know that reputable websites such as Digg and PR Webwire have banned these people.

[note: and if that is true (which it appears to be, based on the experience of myself and other) they will either be contacted to rectify the situation, or summarily dragged through the mud about this]

This is Internet Terrorism – and to allow it only promotes more hate and abuse. Please advise me of what steps I need to take next. Again, please keep my emails confidential. ———————————————————————— *From:* Legal Response [mailto:[email protected]] *Sent:* Friday, August 31, 2007 3:14 PM *Subject:* FW: Urgent – Abuse at ThePlanet – Death Threats and more Dear Ms. Scheff: Please note that we were unable to locate on the web page <>; <> and <> any death threat as of 2:13:32 p.m. (GMT-6).

[note: Based on Sue Scheff’s vehemant assertions of death threats, you would think she would be able to come up with a better example than the one she chose above (which I posted on her blog’s comment section from France, and which never was hosted on, of]

Legal Response Team *Sent:* Friday, August 31, 2007 9:22 AM *To:* Legal; [email protected]; Abuse *Subject:* Urgent – Abuse at ThePlanet – Death Threats and more As per your Abuse Department at – I am forwarding you this complaint in hopes of you removing the following websites that violate your AUP and TOS. I have listed my attorney’s name and number as well as the FBI Agents involved. It is imperative you do not forward, copy or paste my email/letter outside of ThePlanet – it could potentially cause me more harm.

[note: I am glad that ThePlanet bothered to treat this situation with more due diligence than GoDaddy or Netfirms did. Rather than keep the allegations private, as Netfirms chose to do, they bothered to let us have a chance to respond to Sue Scheff’s fraudulent allegations.]

———————————————————————— *Sent:* Friday, August 31, 2007 9:14 AM *To:* ‘[email protected]’ <mailto:’[email protected]’>; *Subject:* Urgent – Abuse at ThePlanet – Death Threats and more **CONFIDENTIAL – NOT TO BE FORWARDED, COPIED OR PASTED OUTSIDE OF THEPLANET OFFICES** **THIS IS EXTREMELY SENSITIVE INFORMATION AND COULD POTENTIALLY PUT MY FAMILY AND MYSELF AT DANGER IF RELEASED.** To: The Planet Abuse Dept. Re: Abuse on the the following websites that you host – **according to your AUP** (Prohibited Activities) they are in extreme violation: <> (**Death threats**, defamation, encouraging bodily harm, invasion of privacy and more) <> – used for hate, slander, libelous, harassment, **outright fraud**, and more. (See attached final judgment) – <> created by **Michael Crawford** (see attached bio) who is being investigated by the FBI – and they have the death wish he sent me via email – this website is full of malicious content, harassing, fraudulent information – including a lawsuit I never received, links to Anti-Semitic postings, and more. I am confident you will agree this is purely being used as a “hate” and harassment site. Make note that prior landing on the Planet – they were removed from GoDaddy and Netfirms.

[note: It’s worth mentioning that at the time this letter was written, had almost no content at all, and not one mention of Sue Scheff apart from a link to this blog. I find it implausible that a nearly blank blog can contain “nate, slander, libelous, harassment, **outright fraud**, and more. Furthermore, both GoDaddy and Netfirms requested that our sites be removed without even investigating Sue Scheff’s claims. Not just that, the letter sent to Godaddy was almost verbatim identical to the one she just sent The Planet (our hosting service’s upstream provider.)]

If you go to the above listed websites and do a search on my name or my business – PURE (Parent’s Universal Resource Experts, Inc) – you will be apalled at the** threats**, defamation, slander, Anti-Semitic postings and more -even listing a lawsuit (Green v Focal Point) I have never received to further slander me. I have attached the bio of **Michael Crawford** – who is driving this obsession of cyber-stalking – he is currently being investigated by the FBI – you can confirm with Agent Jeff Etters and Agent Brad Rex, Miami FBI 305-787-6654.

[note: I would like to encourage readers of this blog to contact the above numbers, inquire about me, and clarify the situation if necessary. I will certainly be doing that as well]

Last fall, I won in a **jury trial**

[note: The Jury only convened to consider damages. The defendant (Carey Bock) was never present at the trial (alleged to be chiefly the fault of Sue Scheff). Sue Scheff won the case by default, and yet it is under appeal presently, and it is the opinion of this blogger that Sue Scheff will very likely lose]

a judgment of _$11.3M – $5M of it was for punitive damages_ for **Internet Defamation and Invasion of Privacy**. The defendants, Ginger Warbis -MCNulty (Fornits) and Carey Bock were working in conjunction to literally destroy and ruin me and my business – as well as my children. At one point, someone had posted my daughter was **dead**.

[note: Someone? It was not Carey Bock, myself, or anybody she regularly mentions. Although I cannot elaborate (based on my position as an admin at on the origin of the message, posters on Fornits have alleged that the message in question was sent by either Sue Scheff herself, or an associate of hers. Given her proclivity to multiple online identities, this theory holds a lot of weight with many Fornits posters]

Since the law is gray on the responsibility of the Host – (Warbis-Fornits), I decided to dismiss her from the lawsuit early on and only sue Bock. It was due to financial reasons, the legal cost me over $150K with just the one defendant. I had to second mortgage my home and go through my savings to protect my children. At the end – I was fully vindicated – however it only escalated the abuse as they now post as anonymous – and want to prove my verdict means nothing to them.

[note: It’ doesn’t take much to prove that the verdict means nothing to most people who have examined the facts of the case in detail. It was a default verdict.]

I retained Reputation Defender to help me keep their horrors off the top of Google – however I have now learned there are **death threats** on the website <> (in the forums). Emotionally, I can’t go on that website,

[note: curiously, however, she is able to scour the site for death threats, a feat that ThePlanet could not even accomplish.]

it nearly destroyed to the point I closed my office and never left my house. If you go to the website on the forum and do a search on my name (Sue Scheff)

[note: It looks like ThePlanet forgot to redact that mention of her name ]

and PURE (they actually have PURE Bullshit as a forum) – I am confident you will have no problem seeing this horrific abuse. I was recently featured on 20/20 ABC News earlier this month – and from there – this has escalated. They are also attacking my colleague, Isabelle Zehnder. **This is serious **- and I do hope ThePlanet takes this seriously. Just prior signing up for The Planet – they were “**removed**” from GoDaddy and Netfirms (in Canada). I have filed a police report with Broward Sherriff’s office (File#W505031987)

[note: that case number is fake (Yes, it really is fake, I even spoke to a person in records who explained to me their entire system of case numbering)]

in Florida, I have filed a report with Internet Crimes Bureau as well as my local FBI office (listed above). I am hoping criminal charges will be brought against these people. My lawyer is David Pollack, Miami, FL – 305-372-5900 or email at [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> if you need to substantiate anything I have written or need more legal information. See his letters attached. You should also know they created a YouTube video with a threat to hurt me bad – which YouTube removed swiftly after receiving notice from me. **Again, this is serious.** If you need to learn who I am, you can visit my real websites <> This is truly one of the worst forms of **Internet Terrorism** I have experienced. I have been interviewed by major media outlets – who did their due diligence on me – I am a reputable person being targeted by Internet Terrorist – please don’t all all them to “use” The Planet as their stomping ground. I look forward to your response and swift attention. I only hope you will remove these sites from your Host Server. If you have any further questions or comments, please call me or email me. **Please keep my name and email confidential.** Thank you in advance for time and prompt attention.

Soon after receiving this email, I explained the situation to ThePlanet via our hosting provider. Since then, I have heard no more complaints from Sue Scheff until today when I got this message from Google AdWords in which they claim that “Sue Scheff” is a trademark.

From: [email protected] Subject: Your Google AdWords Approval Status Date: September 21, 2007 7:54:23 PM EDT To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected] Hello, Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your account, we’ve found that one or more of your ads or keywords does not meet our guidelines. You can see your disapproved ad(s), the reason for disapproval, and editorial suggestions, from the Disapproved Ads page within your account. To access this page, use the following link: (Please note that you may need to log in before you can access this page.) You can also follow these steps: 1. Log in to your account at 2. Click ‘Tools’ on the ‘Campaign Management’ tab. 3. In the ‘Analyze Your Ad Performance’ section, click ‘Disapproved Ads.’ 4. To edit an ad, click the ‘Edit ad’ link in the far right-hand column. You’ll be able to edit your ad from its corresponding ad group; once you save your ad, it will automatically be submitted for review by our AdWords Specialists. Please note that if you have a large number of ads in your account that do not meet our ad requirements, you may receive several emails. ———————————————- Campaign: ‘Campaign #1,’ Ad group: ‘Ad Group #1’ ———————————————- AD TEXT: Sue Scheff Truth

The Truth About Sue Scheff, PURE and Reputation Defender

Ad Status: Suspended – Pending Revision Ad Issue(s): Trademark in Ad Content ~~~~~~~~~ SUGGESTIONS: -> Ad Content: Please remove the following trademark from your ad: Sue Scheff. ——————— POLICY DEFINITIONS: Trademark in Ad Content: Due to trademark complaints, we do not allow advertisers to use certain trademarked terms or elements in their Google AdWords campaigns. You can learn more about Google’s trademark policy at ——————— If a keyword has been suspended, it will no longer trigger your ad(s). If an ad has been suspended, you may edit it and save your changes to automatically resubmit the ad for review. For more information about our ad requirements, please read the AdWords Editorial Guidelines at: If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at: We look forward to providing you with the most effective advertising available. Sincerely, The Google AdWords Team Email Alerts: To stop receiving email notifications whenever your ads are disapproved, modify your email preferences in the ‘Account Preferences’ section of the My Account tab. Your AdWords account number: [redacted]

A while back, when Carey Bock was trying to post a press release, she ran into the same problem: Google claimed that Sue Scheff’s name was trademarked. Cynical as I am, I checked, and sure enough, Sue Scheff is not a registered trademark. Jerry Falwell is a registered trademark, but Sue Scheff is not. Hopefully, AdWords will rectify this situation, or better yet, ban Sue Scheff from using their services altogether, like did. I will continue to deal with, and periodically report on the continued harassment and of myself and this site. On a personal note: I would like to thank Sue Scheff for continuing to destroy her own reputation through her own actions.

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