Internet Warfare

Who is Ginger Warbis of Written by: Paula Reeves August 11, 2007 © 2007 All Rights Reserved The “Internet Wolverine” Ginger Warbis responds to threats by Sue Scheff, her company PURE (Parents Universal Resource Experts), and others in the private “teen help” business: “Hit me with your best shot, cowards! At the end of the day, I can take it. You can’t.” Ginger Warbis, living somewhere in Pennsylvania, is no ordinary woman. She began her controversial electronic publishing site at over five years ago. Warbis is fearless in her exposure of the burgeoning and dangerously unregulated industry called the “troubled teen” or “teen help” industry. If you dare enter Ginger Warbis’ Web World, you are forewarned that it is not for the weak of heart.

The posts are crude and nasty at times, but most hit to the heart of a uniquely American tragedy. “Oh, the irony of it all,” Ginger Warbis exclaims in a recent post on her site as she writes under the pen name of “Scarlett Chiclet.” In the span of a few years, this angry advocate has transformed herself from a rough hewn virtual-vigilante to a witty, raunchy publicist who isn’t afraid of anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Whether you like her or not, one cannot help but admire the tenacity of Ginger Warbis and her band of mischievous Internet crusaders. Warbis’ arch-enemy at the moment is Sue Scheff, a self-proclaimed “resource expert,” who places children in programs, sometime unsafe ones, that pay Scheff substantial sums of money.

According to bloggers, Scheff recently tried to shut down the site and silence Ms. Warbis’ prolific criticism of Scheff and others like Scheff. In response, Warbis moved her Internet presence to Canada. The site is now spawning anti-Sue Scheff sites too numerous to track, such as Why is Ginger Warbis so tenacious and tough?

She characterizes herself as a “prisoner of war” who survived the now defunct Straight Program. As a child in the early 1980s, Warbis said she was held against her will for two years at Straight in Florida, deprived of a meaningful education, and forced to confess and engage in acts against her will.

In an apparent response to Sue Scheff’s attempt to take down, Ginger Warbis challenges: “Sue me! I beg of you, bring this fight back into the public eye in any way you can. . . .” With the help of her lawyer, Warbis won dismissal of a 2004 case that Sue Scheff, the wealthy heiress, and PURE, filed against Warbis for defamation and invasion of privacy. Underscoring her determination, Warbis writes: “You spoiled yuppie scumbags think a civil suit or public embarrassment or the prospect of losing some of your precious stuff is too horrible to even think about. I’m made of stone . . . . tough, so far beyond the need for creature comforts and social acceptance. . . .”

It does not appear that Ginger Warbis will be folding anytime soon. In the meantime, Sue Scheff has hired a company to saturate the Internet with self-created positive comments and web sites about her and her company, in the hope of countering the mounting guerilla forces of Ginger Warbis and

### © Paula Reeves 2007 All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Ginger Warbis’s Full comment:

    Oh, the irony of it all!

    First, a little history. was just fine on BareMetal. Several of you militant toughlove hategroup storm troopers have tried threats, bribes and outright lies to get BareMetal to nix this site. Even though there exist some significant differences of opinion between myself and BM’s other acitvist customers (which is why I established my own site instead of bringing my issue into MAPInc and DPA) they have steadfastly refused to cow to you bullies each and every time you’ve tried to stiffle us. The only trouble was that they charge so much for bandwidth that I had to go looking for a more cost effective option. And here we are back in Canada again.

    The drug policy reformers are still quite enthralled with the Treatment not Incarceration Judas goat move. I think maybe they’ll start reexamining their position on that now that Mitt and Mel are making international headlines. Maybe not. Activists so often become factionalized and militant and, ultimately, closed minded. We’ll see.

    The irony? The TOUGHLOVE hategroup and all of it’s militant drones like O5 are ok with actually torturing and even killing kids, destroying families. That’s just fine, so long as we all support their delusion that what they’re really doing is saving kids’ lives and bringing families back together.

    I actually do still snicker a little bit whenever they react with stunned outrage over their victims wishing bad things upon them. Just to be perfectly clear, I don’t think it’s funny at all that so many people so vehemently wish such horrible things on you. Not at all. I know firsthand what drives that kind of rage. I just think it’s funny as hell how you can dish it out but ya just can’t take even a written expression of same directed back at you. Pussies! Wimps! Cowards!

    Funnier still? You spoiled yuppie scumbags think a civil suit or public embarassment or the prospect of losing some of your precious stuff is too horrible to even think about. ROFLMAO!!. Fuck You! LOL I’m made of stone. You have made me and plenty of others like me so jaded, so tough, so far beyond the need for creature comforts and social acceptance that, now that I’m of age and you can’t force me into any of your torture camps, you ain’t got SHIT that scares me. And some of these younger ones coming up are even tougher.

    Sue me! I beg of you, bring this fight back into the public eye in any way you can. I have no assets for you to take. I care not a whit what any fucker thinks of me except my close friends who know better than to listen to idiots like you. Worse case? Some judge orders me to do something I’m unwilling to do and I get to hang out in some local county jail with a bunch of hookers for a month or so. Hands down, by far and away better and more interesting company than when you sadistic bastards forced me into a program for two years.

    Hit me with your best shot, cowards! At the end of the day, I can take it. You can’t. You made me this way so be careful what you wish for!

  2. Wow, Paula, thanks for all the high praise. You got a couple of details wrong, though, and I’d like to take this opportunity to correct them. First, you should probably ask Phil if he intends to continue defending me at need. Or hell, at least speak to me before publishing about me. Second, all of those quotes come from this thread and were not directed toward Sue, but toward one of the other brainwashed, nasty, vindictive program parents who goes by the handle Ottowa5. I know, I know, it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes. There are many.

    And this brings me to the most important point that I’d like to make. Sue is not my arch rival. I’ve never been sued for anything I’ve had to say about her. Rather it was for refusing to censor others’ writings from the forum that I used to operate alone and now do so with significant help from a couple of good friends.

    They are not my “mounting guerilla forces” nor followers. Except for the dog, I don’t think I have any followers. All I do, except when I’m holding forth on my own opinions, is keep the forums up and functioning so that anybody who cares to can tell their own stories. These people are angry with Sue (at the moment) for trying to take that away by intimidation and deception a website that they like to use and for which they have come to feel a sense of propriatorship, not because anybody told them to attack.

    Finally, My name is Ginger McNulty.

    There may be more. I’m typing from the loca library after my 4th hd crash on three different machines and 3 different operating systems. Either I’m just the slackest, most incompetent puter user ever or maybe I’ve been hacked, I don’t know. At any rate, please don’t focus so much on Sue that we forget about the rest of the industry. And do give me a call sometime.

  3. And technically, Fornits didn’t spawn this site. I simply asked Ginger for some webspace, and one of those handy free domains and she said “sure”….. And this site was born. So, I am the owner/founder of the site and Fornits/Ginger McNulty is not responsible for content posted here.

    As Ginger notes, she is no more a leader than I am. There is no hierarchy / command structure. A bunch of people are upset with Sue Scheff tend to congregate together because it is a unique issue and there is power in numbers.

  4. Forget about Fornits. Can someone remove Ginger Warbis from the Internet?

    It takes a lot of hate to have the kind of passion for something as negative and potentially harmful as she has for her pathetic excuse for a forum for free speech. “Saving kids lives?” “Spoiled yuppie scumbags?” Who in the hell does she think she is addressing? Hey, Ginger, fyi, it’s EVERYBODY! The whole world has the potential to be negatively impacted by the garbage you produce, and you do not give a damn. You’ve hurt far more than you’ve helped anyone. …sick $%ck!

  5. Well hey there, Rose!

    To answer your question, no. No one can remove another from the interwebs. That’s the beauty and nature of the technology. The net responds to censorship like damage and routs around it.

    As far as hurting or helping people, I’m alright with your assessment. I never set out to help anybody, being respectful of people’s ability to make their own choices in life, form their own beliefs and help themselves. I’ve never set out to, or even gone along with anyone else’s campaign to hurt anyone generally.

    I have set out, right from the git go, to hurt certain people’s ability to continue hurting others. And I think that might be working out alright.

    BTW, are you my sister in law or some other Rose?

  6. Hey Ginger McNulty,

    I’m still around and your biggest fan. Keep up the spirit and fight against those in the fraudulent “teen help” commercial industry.

    Paula Reeves

  7. Ginger rocks. Ginger rolls on and on. She looms much larger than any of the miscreants, and malcontents that do anything they can to make a tenth of a penny off of the forced slavery of little children.

    It’s a happy day when a rational being comes along and puts a bullet in the heads of people like Scheff.

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