Site Under Attack (yet again)

Recently, the server hosting, and have been under a sustained DDoS attack coming from a botnet. While is too large to host on this temporary hosting, is back up for the time being. Further illegal attacks against this site will be reported to the FBI.For those of you looking for quick information on why, perhaps, somebody might want to take this site down, please click here.

8 thoughts on “Site Under Attack (yet again)”

  1. I hope Fornits can get back up and running again soon! I have some new info that needs to be spread around. Good luck with reviving the websites, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

  2. Great to see SST back online. Looking forward to Fornits and Carey Bock websites being restored to their online status, as well.

    FYI: VIN news reporting a boy at Tranquility Bay was released Friday, March 28, 2008 after a delegation of Jewish Rabbi’s and other community/religious leaders traveled by private jet to Jamaica demanding to see him.

  3. is it 1984 yet? attacks such as these musn’t go un answered.. if you want peace, prepare for war… i will if this is a sue scheff website, well, i. ll know that soon, and if so, well… i travel, you know, here a day, there FEW DAYS, a wonderful life, encountering so many strangers, exchanging points of view, persuading some, dissuading others.. it’s a wonderful power i suppose, to cause others to believe as you do.. i’m not a preacher myself

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